Smileie Review

flag Refinement included
  • 4-6 months treatment period

  • All-Day & At-Night aligners available

  • Dentist approval and monitoring

  • US Manufactured Aligners

Pros & Cons

  • At-home treatment with all aligners sent at once
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free 2 sets of retainers & refinement
  • Night time aligner plans take longer to see results
  • Shipping is free only for USA customers

Plans & Pricing

There are multiple plans available for customers, as well as flexible payment plans. Smilelie is focused on providing affordable options based on needs, including installment plans. The free impression kit includes a 3D treatment plan and tailored support from dental specialists, making it great value for money. All plans start with a free assessment before purchasing to ensure you select the right option. The total treatment period is 4-6 months.

The Day-Time OneGo Plan and the Night-Time OnGo Plan come with:

  • A free set of retainers
  • Free teeth whitening kit
  • Free refinement options

The same options are available with the Day-time Instalment plan, with reasonable monthly payments. The Impression Kit and Treatment Plan can also be purchased separately if needed.

Smileie has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee as part of their process and is provided under the following circumstances:

  • Full refund if unhappy with smile projection after receiving a 3D preview
  • Results are not achieved at the end of the treatment period, then Smileie will provide additional refinement aligners
  • Full refund if considered unsuitable for aligner treatment

No refunds are available once the treatment plan is approved, but replacement aligners are available in cases such as manufacturing defect or if there are fit issues.

Impression Kit and Treatment Plan
$39.99 (free USA shipping)
Day-time OneGo Plan
Night-time OneGo Plan
Daytime Single Arch


Smileie prides itself on crafting high-quality, safe, clear braces for easy teeth straightening. Delivered to your home, Smileieenables customers to transform their smile in the comfort of their home. With Smileie, you can opt for a 3D treatment preview, with monitoring and treatment planning designed by dental specialists. There is no need for multiple doctor visits or trips to the dentist, thanks to the planning and support offered by Smileie’s dental professionals for invisible aligner treatment. Smilieie’s aligners are manufactured in the US and created by dentists. All aligners are free of BPA and made from high-quality, safe materials to deliver customer results.


  • "Price"
    8 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    7 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    9 /10

Special Features and Extras

There are many features available with Smileie treatments that make it a good option. Dentist and orthodontist support is available, eliminating any trips to the dentist office. Having everything done from the comfort of your home ensures privacy while still getting results.

Additionally, with plans such as the Day-time or Night-Time OneGo, special features such as refinement aligners and teeth whitening are also available. Each plan also comes with a free set of retainers. Smileie also ensures that customers have access to materials, such as extra refinement aligners and retainers as well.

The 3D treatment preview enables dentists to keep an eye on teeth straightening progress remotely, and they also perdiocically check in to monitor progress as well.

Ease of Use

One of the main benefits of Smileie is that treatments can be completed within the comfort of your home. From start to finish, including impressions to receiving aligners, are done via mail, which means there is no need to go back and forth to the dentist’s office. Additionally, there is enough dental support on hand via specialists throughout the treatment period, making it easy and convenient. The impression kit is easy to use, and aligners are crafted swiftly after the impression is received.

Dentists and orthodontist monitoring also ensure that customers have the support needed to reach their smile goal and refinement aligners can be provided. After the aligner treatment is completed, retainers will be needed and one set is included with aligners.

Treatment Time-Frames

Impression kits are shipped within 3-4 business days. The overall treatment time is 6-8 months from receiving the impression kit to to receiving and wearing the aligners. Once a plan is purchased and impressions are provided, the process moves very quickly. After the impressions are received, a 3D digital simulation is sent for review within 4-5 weeks. The entire process to receive the aligners can take between 7-8 weeks total. Although customers generally see results within 6-8 weeks, additional support is provided if results are not achieved by the end of the treatment period.

How Does it Work

The process starts with a 30-second survey to ensure that you are the right fit for Smileie’s products. Once approved, an Impression Kit is mailed to your home to make the dental impression. The kit includes a guide to making the impression and a return label. Once Smileie receives the impression, they will create a personalized 3D treatment plan formulated by dental specialists for review and approval.

After the treatment plan is approved, aligners are fabricated and delivered to your home. In the beginning, customers receive one set of aligners but can opt to order more if needed. The treatment takes between 6-8 months from start to finish, and aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours in the day. However, customers have seen results as soon as 6-8 weeks after receiving the aligners. Throughout the treatment period, you are monitored by dental specialists that provide support and advice, so no trips to the dentist’s office are needed.

Customer support

Dental specialists are involved throughout the treatment plan to ensure everything is going according to plan. Various support features are available to customers to provide the help needed without needing to go to the dentist’s office.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    24/7 Online support available
  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available
  • Live Online Chat
    Live chat is available, with 24/7 support
  • Email
    Email support is available
  • Video Tutorials
    Some video tutorials are available

Final Word

Smileie provides a discreet, affordable treatment for those seeking teeth straightening in the privacy of their own homes. Smileie has a simple and easy process to get started, with a clear timeframe available for results. While everyone’s progress will be different while using Smileie, there are enough dental support resources in place to monitor and track progress. Smilelie keeps customers informed and involved throughout each step of the process starting from the 3D treatment plan. With remote resources and monitoring available as well as check-ins from specialists, Smileie provides a comprehensive process for teeth straightening.

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