Why You Should Stay Hydrated for Your Teeth

Aneeca Younas

Oct 22 2021

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Did you know that about 60% of an adult human body is water? This liquid is a major part of it, and securing sufficient water intake is imperative for your health.

Check out the main advantages of optimal hydration:

  • It helps toxin and waste removal. Water helps with waste transport throughout the body and its excretion through urine.
  • Energize muscles. Muscles require fluids to optimize electrolyte levels. Otherwise, you are at a risk of fatigue.
  • Boosts skin health and appearance. Water can be an important factor in fighting wrinkles and keeping your skin moisturized and well-looking.

Water is also vital for our teeth and mouth. Dehydration slows saliva production, which can lead to a variety of oral health issues. Here is what you need to know regarding hydration and its importance for your teeth!

What Is Dehydration?

According to experts, dehydration occurs when your body utilizes more fluids than you ingest. Here is an example – it’s a hot day outside, and you are out for a long walk. The temperature is high, and you are sweating, which means you are losing fluids.

If you don’t drink some water, you’ll start experiencing dehydration symptoms sooner or later. If time passes and you don’t hydrate, you are in danger of experiencing severe dehydration. Water is essential for human health, which is why the US implemented a National Hydration Day. The annual holiday that reminds us of the importance of hydration is on June 23rd.

Insufficient water intake is the main cause of this condition. You might still be getting used to invisible aligners, and they cause your mouth to dry. But health problems like diabetes, fever, vomiting, and diarrhoea could also be the reasons behind dehydration. If you notice signs of severe dehydration we listed below, don’t hesitate to contact a medical professional immediately.

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Major Dehydration Symptoms

Can you recognize when it’s time to ingest some fluids? The first signal your body gives you is that you become thirsty. Being thirsty isn’t an actual dehydration symptom, but the first sign you should consume some water. Muscle cramps, headaches, dry skin, fever, and even food cravings could be the effects of dehydration on the body.

Your teeth and mouth will also signal that you are having problems with insufficient water intake. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way of noticing you might be dealing with dehydration.

Check out the common mouth-related dehydration signs:

  • Dry mouth. This often comes in combination with feeling thirsty.
  • Cracked lips. Wind can also cause lip damage, but if it’s summer, it could be dehydration, too.
  • Sticky and dry tongue. Does it feel like your tongue is sticky or dry? The lack of saliva production can lead to experiencing this sign.
  • Swollen tongue. This doesn’t happen that often, but some people reported it when experiencing other symptoms of dehydration.
  • Puffy, swollen, or red gums. Please note these could also be signs of periodontal disease.
  • Tooth pain. The lack of saliva production could weaken your enamel and cause tooth pain. But if you believe that occurs because you started wearing invisible aligners, there’s nothing to worry about.

Severe Dehydration Signs

If you don’t hydrate on time, you could enter the next stage of dehydration. That could cause severe issues and the following signs:

  • Not urinating at all. Even if you are only urinating a little or the urine is dark yellow, it’s time to hydrate.
  • Irritability and nervousness. If you get nervous easily, the reason can be as simple as you didn’t drink enough water.
  • No tears when crying. Did you cry and notice the absence of tears? Another sign is that your eyes look like they are sunken in.
  • Changed heart rate and blood pressure. It depends on how you react, but most people report elevated heart rate and low blood pressure.
  • Confusion. Are you having problems with memorizing names or confusion regarding your location?
  • Unconsciousness. This is among the most severe dehydration signs, but it can also be caused by many other conditions.

If you experience more than a single symptom above, don’t hesitate to check in with a doctor. Please contact a medical professional if you have other reasons to believe you are dealing with severe dehydration.

dehydration symptoms yellow teeth

What Are the Dangers of Dehydration for Your Teeth and Gums?

There are various effects of dehydration on the body, and your teeth and gums aren’t an exception. Dentists often gather on National Hydration Day to remind us of how water can promote oral health. Here is an overview of potential problems dehydration causes for your mouth!

  • Bad Breath

The professionals call it halitosis, which doesn’t make it less embarrassing. Various health conditions can cause bad breath. However, if you only experience it occasionally, it could be because of improper saliva flow. Saliva has the task of continuously removing bacteria from your mouth. If it doesn’t do its job, you could experience halitosis.

  • Weakening Your Enamel

Saliva contains phosphate, calcium, and other compounds that your enamel utilizes for strengthening. If your teeth don’t get sufficient compounds, their enamel could weaken. Apart from optimal saliva production, don’t forget the importance of straight teeth. They contribute to optimal oral health, which is why you shouldn’t think twice about wearing invisible aligners if necessary.

  • Affecting Your Teeth Color

You don’t smoke, but you still noticed some teeth discolouration. Inadequate saliva production could be the reason. Another task saliva has to remove food particles before they can affect your enamel and cause yellowing. That’s not something you want to happen when pursuing a perfect smile. Apart from keeping your teeth white, make sure to straighten them with invisible aligners.

  • Causing Cavity

Those food particles that we mentioned weaken the tooth’s enamel. The bacteria remaining in your mouth cause tooth decay and could be the reason why you develop cavities. Optimal hydration helps to fight harmful substances in your mouth and reduces the risk of a cavity.

  • Increased Risk of Gum Disease

If you are dealing with or are at risk of gum disease, optimal hydration becomes crucial. It can help to remove plaque and bacteria, which are the factors that lead to periodontal disease. Your genetics and factors like smoking, age, stress, and teeth clenching are also gum disease risk factors.

dehydration symptoms bad breath

How to Avoid Dry Mouth and Other Effects of Dehydration on Your Teeth

The most common dehydration sign and the one you first notice is dry mouth. You might find yourself in situations when you can’t drink water, at least not right away. Fortunately, there are other things to do to promote saliva production. That way, you’ll avoid tooth decay and other effects that could damage your perfectly straight teeth.

Here is how you can prevent dry mouth and promote saliva creation:

  • Grab a gum. The point is in chewing, so you could also have a meal. If that’s not an option, carry some gum in your pocket. Unless you have invisible aligners, it can be an excellent trick to promote saliva production. Chewing does that by compressing the salivary glands with your muscles.
  • Use your nose to breathe. That ensures your mouth doesn’t dry as quickly. You can test it immediately to see the difference.
  • Make sure your mouthwash doesn’t contain alcohol. That’s because alcohol can cause your mouth to dry more quickly.
  • Get an air humidifier. If you breathe high-quality air, it will help to boost saliva production.

Saliva plays a crucial role in protecting your teeth’ health, but so does oral hygiene. That’s why you shouldn’t forget major guidelines like regular brushing and flossing. Otherwise, you risk many problems, such as having to wear invisible braces to straighten your smile.

Tips to Avoid General Dehydration

An optimal water intake is the best way to avoid dehydration and its potential effects on the body. Apart from that, here is what you can to do help optimizing your fluid levels:

  • Restrict salt, alcohol, and caffeine intake. All three can lead to dry mouth and overall dehydration.
  • Forget about smoking. If you are a smoker, that causes your mouth to dry. It can also destroy your teeth’ whiteness and overall health. Even if you wear invisible braces to straighten your teeth, they still won’t look great if they are yellow.
  • Eat foods rich in water. Apples and other fruits are an excellent choice. If it’s lunchtime, take off those invisible braces and have a salad.
  • Pay attention to optimal water consumption. The experts suggest at least eight glasses per day. However, if you lead an active lifestyle, increase that to 11-15, or even more if necessary.


Your entire organism can benefit from optimal hydration. That applies to oral health since dehydration can also affect your teeth. Fortunately, ensuring sufficient water intake only takes a little effort.

Keeping your teeth straight can also help to avoid tooth problems. If you need straightening, our reviews of companies offering invisible aligners can be helpful. SmileDirectClub offers day and night plans, but check out other brands to find the most suitable option.

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