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Maria V.

Jun 14 2021

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Braces get a bad reputation. They are metal, uncomfortable, and limit what foods you can eat. What if there was a way to get a stunningly straight smile without traditional braces? Most adults have now been opting for clear braces.

Now you may have heard of invisible braces and clear aligners before, however, they offer different types of these braces to fit each lifestyle. The technology has developed to where we can fix teeth discreetly, fast, and without all that metal.

What Are Invisible Braces?

Invisible Braces or clear aligners are a modern alternative to metal, traditional braces. These clear aligners are similar to retainers in the sense they are removable and can be worn all day/night. They are molded to your teeth and slowly over time correct any imperfections.

Teeth aligners are clear, so it won’t be as noticeable as traditional braces. They are easy to wear, and you can fit them just like mouth guards. When wearing these types of aligners, you’ll notice that they gradually push the teeth in the desired position.

Overall, these can fix minor orthodontic issues while being efficient and undetectable.  It’s important to understand what plan of teeth aligners you are interested in.

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How to Choose What Is Right For You

There are options for both day and night treatment. It’s important to note some providers will only offer the night-time plan. How can you decide what’s best for you? Well, it depends on various factors like budget, lifestyle, and flexibility.

Day-Time Aligners

As the name suggests, these clear aligners are going to be worn all day. According to AlignerCo, there are numerous benefits to wearing day-time invisible braces. This includes Speed, Progress, Price, and Versatility.

When it comes to flexibility, there are multiple things to consider regarding day-time invisible braces. You’d have to wear them for around 22 hours a day, so it’s recommended that you schedule when to eat and drink. This will help give the best results for your treatment.

Especially if you wear them during the day for 22 hours, you will need to make sure you are brushing them just as you would your teeth. This will prevent any infection from happening and will keep the treatment process intact.

Night-Time Aligners

If you want the least amount of hassle when it comes to clear braces, then the night-time option could be a great fit.

Instead of scheduling your day to fit your clear braces treatment, you only have to wear them at night for 10 hours. During the day, you can go about as normal. The best way to transform your smile overnight.

The convenience of night-time clear braces is the reason why people are mostly attracted to this option. You can take care of your teeth normally without worrying about excess damage or staining.

One thing to keep in mind is while both day and night-time plans are quick, opting for the night-time plan will take longer to achieve results.

Things to Consider

No matter what plan you decide to choose, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to starting your clear braces journey.

While you won’t experience extreme pain like with metal fixed braces, you will feel uncomfortable. Progress in Orthodontics conducted a study that concluded: “Patients treated with Invisalign appear to feel lower levels of pain.” It’s normal and to be expected, your teeth are shifting into your desired position and you will feel it.

Oral hygiene is extremely significant. To keep your teeth and aligner in check, it’s important to brush. The Angle Orthodontist states that “Patients treated with aligners have less risk developing white spot lesions.” Removable aligners make cleaning a breeze.

Straight My Teeth also mentions the significance of oral hygiene. No matter if you wear these aligners at night or during the day, you need to make sure you are taking proper care of them.

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Best Invisible Braces

There are some other factors you could be worried about. This can include the duration of treatment, impressions/installments, ability to fix problems, and the most important, pricing.

Regarding what age groups are suitable for clear braces, most who opt for this treatment are older teens, adults, or those who have minor to moderate teeth problems. Overall it’s best to check with your provider since age can vary.

All of this information can feel so overwhelming, how can you even determine what are the best invisible braces? Let’s break it down from these brands.

New Smile

New Smile has multiple plans available for those who want to wear clear braces at night. Their treatments are easy to start right from the comfort of your own home.

Night Aligners Fast Track is an affordable plan starting at $1,295. You can opt for the 12-month plan and pay $92/Mo to make aligners even more accessible. Finally, the Preview Plan is priced at $49 if you are still not sold on the experience of clear braces.

You get your impression kit delivered with ease and receive a live video to help you take your impressions. Send them back and get a 3D treatment preview. This is where your custom clear braces are made and then shipped out to you.


Byte can offer you the best of both worlds. Night or Day, they have clear aligners for you. They are also a convenient at-home way to take your impressions and receive your aligner quickly.

Byte at-Night: This treatment option has a duration of 5-6 months, with the requirement to wear the aligner 10 hours every night. Perfect for those who have time and want this treatment to be undetectable. The price is $2,295. Payment plan options are available.

Byte’s All-Day Aligners: To speed up your journey, the All-Day Aligners take around 3 months to complete, and it’s mandatory to wear the aligners for 22 hours. If you have minor to moderate orthodontic problems but want a quick process, this is the option for you. This is priced at $1,895. Payment plan options are available.


Clear braces are an amazing alternative to regular metal braces, especially if you don’t have severe orthodontic problems.

If you opt for day-time aligners there are a few things you need to adjust within your routine. This includes scheduling when to eat, improving oral hygiene, and wearing the aligner for 22 hours a day. If these factors don’t bother you and you want the quickest treatment, then day-time invisible braces will be a great fit.

Night-time aligners are perfect if you want your treatment to go unnoticed.

If you don’t want to disrupt your daily routine and if you want to take your time with treatment, then this option will be for you.

Before you start your journey to a stunning smile, make sure to contact your provider. They are the best sources of information for everything you need to know regarding treatment. Be sure to check out other reviews and studies for more information.

Regardless of what plan you choose, you will be guaranteed a beautiful smile.


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